About Us

Conjurorsonline is a global platform that connects you to incredible magicians, conjurors, sleight-of-hand artists, and illusionists worldwide and lets you HIRE them or watch their LIVE Virtual Magic Shows from anywhere on planet Earth.


The greatest magicians and conjurors in the world are here for you to hire or watch online in their virtual performances. We are the #1 platform for finding magicians worldwide.

Ivan Amodei

Illusionist & Founder

We’ll personally entertain the world!

We handpick our artists, who are the industry’s best-kept secret, and you will not find them anywhere online.

Conjurorsonline provides a seamless, personalized experience tailored to your event.
Therefore, we transcend the ordinary to bring you the best magic, sleight-of-hand artists, and illusionists.

Each performance is customized to suit your specific needs and wants, transforming your event
experience into an epic tale that you and your guests will be talking about for a long time.

Let us redefine your concept of high-end magic entertainment
and ensure an unforgettable affair for you and your guests.

Once you experience a ConjurorsOnline Elite Artist,
you’ll realize you’ve seen the best.

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A Virtual World

Search for a VIRTUAL SHOW,
buy tickets, and have a magical experience.

Our revolutionary platform has compiled an incredible variety of the
industry's best virtual magic shows, with more joining our elite club each month.

Our captivating professional conjurors are not just performers
but exceptional entertainers and award-winners in the field of magic. 

Immerse yourself in the illusion as you interact with our performers during the virtual show.
Witness mind-reading, sleight-of-hand, incredible coincidences, and more unfold before your eyes, all in real time.
This intimate "like you are there" experience is one you'll cherish forever.

Artists from Canada, Japan, Italy, China, the United Kingdom, and South America will soon be added.

With your support, we will continue bringing the art of magic to everyone on Earth.

Our Vision

Conjurorsonline reimagines magic and magicians. We wanted to solve a simple problem: how do you find and watch the most talented illusionists and magicians worldwide? ONLINE!

We connect you with any device, so you can hire conjurors, watch live, virtual shows, interact, experience, and get access to incredible illusionists from all over the world.