You may hire Artists by filling out our FORM, calling/texting or emailing us. Select a Virtual Artist and buy tickets to their live and interactive virtual shows.

Our intuitive AI Filtering and Search systems allow you to quickly find any Artist you want. Please note that you may have to download specific software, such as Zoom to watch Virtual shows.

Each Artist will set the duration of their show. Typically, the minimum length of a show is 30 minutes. The maximum is 90 minutes.

Depending on the popularity and length of the show, each show can range from $29/per screen to $150/per screen or more.

After purchase, you will automatically receive an Invitation Link to the show. Please log in 5-10 minutes before the start of the show. Also, you may log into your account, and your Invitation Link will be on that order receipt. You may always find your Invitation Link in your Customer Account orders, even if you lose your email confirmation.

You can call, text or fill out our FORM and send us a inquiry for an Artist for your next event. We will get back to you with information within 24 hours.

These packages are bulk purchases of tickets for corporations and companies that want to give their staff, employees, vendors, and team members an entertainment package that reaches everyone anywhere.

Per-screen means you can have as many people watch as you like. We do not charge per person watching, only per screen. So please invite friends and family and make it a party.

Yes, you may. Each Artist may place a different show on the calendar, meaning their performance is different. One Artist may have three or more different shows.

There are two ways to see an Artist's show schedule. Click the Artist's BUY TICKETS button and proceed to a cart. You'll see a drop-down menu of the dates and times of their virtual shows. Another way is to go to the Virtual Shows page and scroll down to Filter Artists. Each Artist's schedule appears in the drop-down above their information box.

A show(s) TIME ZONE means the show will start at that time in that TIME zone. For example, a 6pm PST show begins at 6pm in California (and all PST Time Zones), but 9pm in New York (EST), 7pm in Montana (MST), and 3pm in Hawaii (GMT-10). Please adjust your location Time Zone to the Artist's show start time zone.

Each Virtual Artist has a complete profile. Here, you can watch a preview, buy tickets, see available show dates and times, see photos, and read about our Artist's bio, accolades, and career.

We can customize anything you want! Call, text, or email us with your request, and we will do our best to find the perfect solution and get you precisely what is best for you and your firm.