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We have world-class conjurors, illusionists, sleight-of-hand artists, mentalists, and more. We'll bring them to you for any occasion or event.

ConjurorsOnline provides premier magic entertainment with professional and talented Elite Artists, ensuring a memorable event for you and your guests. 

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Hire Elite Conjurors directly to your event anywhere in the world!

Plunge into the intoxicating world of Magic and Illusion, where the boundaries between what is real and what is not are obscured. Do you want to keep your guests entertained? Cocktail parties, strolling magic to engage groups, stage illusionists to blow away the entire audience, weddings receptions, or intimate private shows for your closest friends. Our Conjurors are not just performers; they are world-class entertainers. We have World Champion Magicians, Penn & Teller Fool Us Winners, International Keynote Speakers, Magic Castle Award Winners, and the most incredible assortment of magicians and conjurors worldwide.

Any size event, any where on planet Earth, we have an Elite Artist for you!

Our Conjuror Specialites

  • Card Cheat/Dealers

    A card sharp (also card shark, sometimes hyphenated or spelled as a single word) is a person who uses skill and deception to win at card games (such as poker). "Sharp" and "shark" spellings have varied over time and by region. Our experts can deal at your event only for entertainment purposes to intentionally cheat and make it appear that your CEO or higher-up person in the corporation is a great player. You'll have a lot of fun with this.

  • Card Sharps

    A card sharp specializes in card magic and manipulation to perform tricks in magical performances, especially in close-up, parlor, and street magic. A person who practices card manipulation may be called a card sharp, card shark, or card mechanic.

  • Celebrity Conjurors

    From Television stars to YouTube sensations, our Celebrity magicians have had enormous fame entertaining the masses.

  • Children's Magician

    A magician performing "children's magic" for a birthday party audience. Typically, the performer's show is tailored for children ages 3-12, specializing in visual magic that this age group comprehends and can enjoy.

  • Close-Up Artists

    Close-up magic (also known as table magic or micro magic) is performed in an intimate setting, usually no more than 3 meters (10 feet) from one's audience. A magician may use more than one kind of object in a single trick, and the Artist can stand or sit at a table.

  • Coin Experts

    Coin specialists manipulate coins to entertain audiences. Because coins are small, most coin tricks are close-ups or table magic, as the audience must be close to the performer to see the effects. Though stage conjurers generally do not use coin effects, coin magic is sometimes performed onstage using large coins.

  • Comedy Magicians

    A magician who uses comedy intertwined with magic to entertain and make their audience laugh while fooling them. Comedy magicians can be silly, have lots of sight gags, tell jokes in between effects, or make situations funny. A great comedy magician makes the magic better through laughter.

  • Corporate Event Conjurors

    A Conjuror that specifically works lots of corporate events such as sales meetings, award banquets, and corporate functions. These are typically held at hotels, meeting spaces, and corporate headquarters offices.

  • Dove Magicians

    Dove magicians are typically on a formal stage. The act, which can last up to 10 minutes, features dove production and disappearance. Doves can change color, be split into two, and appear out of thin air. A famous actor, Channing Pollack, was a dove magician before he became an actor.

  • Escapologist

    Escapology is the branch of magic that deals with escapes from confinement or restraints. Handcuffs, chains, rope, straitjacket, and anything you can think of to lock someone into. Harry Houdini is a well-known example of an escape artist or escapologist who could typically escape from prison cells.

  • Exotic Animal Illusionists

    This magic show features exotic animals such as Lions and Tigers. But, it can also feature other animals such as a Monkeys, Elephants, and exotic birds. The most famous exotic animal illusionists were Siegfried & Roy, who performed exclusively in Las Vegas at the Mirage.

  • Fortune Tellers

    A fortune-teller is a person who tells you what they think will happen to you in the future after looking at something, such as the lines on your hand. Fairground fortune-tellers offer glimpses of your future for cash—synonyms: seer, diviner, psychic, and prophet.

  • Gambling Demonstrations

    An artist specializing in gambling demonstrations exhibits skill instead of magic effects. Sometimes revealing the method, but you are in awe of the sheer technical skill necessary to accomplish the piece. Certain gambling routines demonstrate such incredible skill as to appear almost supernatural.

  • Gospel Magic

    Gospel magic uses otherwise standard stage magic tricks and illusions as object lessons to promote Christian messages. Gospel magic does not claim to invoke spirits or paranormal powers. Gospel magic plans to present the good news of Christianity through visual parables.

  • Grand Illusions

    A grand illusion show is set on a formal stage incorporating large-scale props such as cars, planes, large animals, and even people. Making an elephant disappear and the Statue of Liberty vanish is considered a large-scale illusion.

  • Hypnotists & Shows

    Stage hypnosis is performed in front of an audience for entertainment purposes, usually in a theater or club. A modern stage hypnosis performance typically delivers a comedic show rather than simply a demonstration to impress an audience with powers of persuasion.

  • Illusionists

    An illusionist could be considered a magician. Still, generally speaking, a magician works on a smaller scale and may or may not admit they are completing illusions, not magical acts. An illusionist is someone who performs grand illusions like disappearing humans or vehicles.

  • Keynote Speaker

    While the keynote speakers introduce the main topic and set the tone, the guest speaker will get into more detail during the subsequent talks and expand on specific points. In other words, the keynote speaker is your event's headliner (or star), while the guest speaker is a supporting cast member.

  • Mentalists & Mindreading

    Mentalism creates the impression in the audience's minds that the performer possesses special powers to read thoughts, predict events, control other minds, and perform similar feats. It can be presented on a stage, in a cabaret setting, before small close-up groups, or even for one spectator.

  • Motivational Magician

    This Artist uses magic and illusion to convey a message of empowerment. Demonstrating through the effects of the message they are trying to send. The spectator is motivated by the desire for personal transformation and to be a change agent in the world around them.

  • Parlour/Cabaret Magic

    Parlour magic is for larger audiences than close-up magic and for smaller audiences than stage magic. It is more intimate than stage magic because it does not require expensive, large-scale stage equipment and can thus be performed closer to the audience and without a stage.

  • Pick Pocket Shows

    Pickpocket magicians use magic to misdirect audience members while removing wallets, belts, ties, and other personal effects. It can be presented on a stage, in a cabaret setting, before small close-up groups, or even for one spectator.

  • Public Magic Shows

    This Artist also has a public show where you can buy tickets to see them live. Some are in Las Vegas, and some are in cities nationwide. Public magic shows are popping up everywhere, and you may even see incredible shows near where you live.

  • Quick Change Artist

    An Artist is adept at quickly switching from one costume to another, including hair and makeup, in a few seconds. The Guinness World Records lists Arturo Brachetti, the Italian Quick Change Artist, as the world's fastest and most prolific Artist.

  • Séances for Groups

    Séances simulate spiritualistic or mediumistic phenomena for theatrical effect. This stage magic genre has sometimes been misused by charlatans pretending to be in contact with spirits or supernatural forces. 

  • Science Magic

    Science magic is a blend of sleight-of-hand and natural science to help explain the wonders of the universe. It is as entertaining as it is educational. Very few Artists specialize in this field and we have him here. Witnessing illusions wrapped around science are life-altering moments.

  • Stage Magicians

    An Artist who performs magic and illusion on a formal stage typically performs stage magic. This does not necessarily mean grand illusions and manipulation of large-scale objects, but the effects are sizable enough to be seen by everyone in the audience. Even card tricks can be performed on a stage if appropriately presented.

  • Street Magician

    Street magic, also known as close-up magic or sidewalk magic, has a rich and fascinating history that dates back centuries. The art of performing magic tricks in public spaces for the entertainment of onlookers has been a staple of many cultures throughout history and continues to captivate audiences today.

  • Strolling Magicians

    Strolling magic is a type of close-up magic in which the magician or mentalist interacts among guests, performing short sets of magic for 2-15 minutes for small groups at an event. This type of magic is perfect for cocktail parties and events where small groups typically gather.

  • Trade Show Magicians

    A Trade Show Magician, although entertaining, should be focused on something other than entertainment. Trade Show Magic is about hooking in potential customers. It's about creating leads and producing revenue for your business. Magic is simply the medium.

  • Wedding/Events Magicians

    A wedding magician is someone who specializes in wedding entertainment. They will typically perform a mix of close-ups, mix and mingle, table magic, and, for some weddings, even a cabaret performance. The main benefit of a wedding magician is the experience your guests are getting and keeping all the guests entertained during phases of the wedding reception.