Virtual Show Success

No need to advertise, find clients, drive to shows, sit in traffic, write contracts, negotiate fees, get on planes and chase shows.

Grow another revenue stream with us or make this the biggest income generation machine in your career.

An incredible opportunity

Conjurorsonline is a revolutionary, global platform that connects audiences to magicians, conjurors, sleight-of-hand artists, and illusionist worldwide.

As a verified artist on our website, you will receive a profit share for each virtual show, opening up countless opportunities for an incredible income stream and allowing you to set your schedule. Log into your own private portal, add as many show dates/times as you like and manage your life. It's that easy.

Be inspired.

The global shift to remote virtual communication, conferences, teaching, and telecommunication is not going away. Instead, it's increasing exponentially.

Our platform is leading the innovation in our industry by allowing artists to control how much they want to make, perform and balance their personal life. It has also created increased opportunities with 74% of customers being more open to watching LIVE shows online than ever before.

Be a part of a infinite movement

Perform when you want and as much or as little as you want. It no longer matters where the audience is. Push your artistic limits by creating fantastic online shows and experiences. Magic fans and audiences are waiting for you.

Conjurorsonline gives you everything you need to grow your career, expand your skills and earn a great living doing what you love to do most.

Income Example

Perform as many shows as you want.

Control your schedule, time and income.

Artist Shows Price #Screens Artist Net (60%)
J. Smith 1 $59.00 50 $1,770.00
J. Smith 2 $59.00 50 $3,540.00
J. Smith 3 $59.00 50 $5,310.00
J. Smith 4 $59.00 50 $7,080.00
J. Smith 5 $59.00 50 $8,850.00
J. Smith 6 $59.00 50 $10,620.00
J. Smith 7 $59.00 50 $12,390.00
J. Smith 8 $59.00 50 $14,160.00
J. Smith 9 $59.00 50 $15,930.00
J. Smith 10 $59.00 50 $17,700.00

1. Get paid a few days after completion of show or lesson.

2. We'll add all your shows and info.

3. We run reports and show your payouts per show.


Set Your Number Of Shows

Perform When You Want

Set The Show Fee & Duration

Unlimited Income Potential

We Bring The Audiences

You must BE verified to join our team of artists.

Set your per screen price.

Virtual Show Sample

Perform as little or as much as you want, it’s up to you.
Virtual shows are here to stay and growing exponentially.
We’ll bring the audiences, you bring the best online
magic show and experience possible.

“We will update you on sales and attendance per show.”

Create a unique show name

We create your listing and graphics and make it beautiful.

Your Virtual show’s thumbnail clicks through to a shopping cart where clients can conveniently select from all your available dates and also read your show’s description and what they will experience.

Our clientele may purchase any show you place for sale.
An automatic ZOOM link is emailed to client only AFTER
the purchase of your show.

Tell them why to see your show. Bragging rights here.

Note: You Will Use Your Own Zoom Account
We'll insert Your Zoom Invitation Link Per Show.

Teach and Earn!

Everyone loves magic. Many laymen would love to learn a few simple routines to impress their friends. This is another opportunity to teach spectators easy-to-do effects in mass. Schedule yourself for giving lessons and earn even more with us.

Ivan Amodei

Illusionist & Founder