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Jonathan Levit

Virtual Artist: Jonathan

Jonathan’s virtual show “CONNECTIONS” melds mentalism, psychological techniques and remarkable sleight of hand with a touch of brilliant chaos. Transform your family, friends and co-workers today. Read More...
Kostya Kimlat

Virtual Artist: Kostya

Prepare to be the star of the show! Hailed as “one of the best magicians we have in the world today” by Penn Jillette, Kostya Kimlat astonishes everyone hands down. Read More...
Paul Draper

Virtual Artist: Paul

He's a master Mentalist, and you'll think he snuck into your house and read your diary. How does he know the information about you? You'll have to watch to find out. Read More...
Joshua Seth

Virtual Artist: Joshua

Joshua Seth’s interactive virtual comedy mind-reading show is the perfect way to engage, amaze, and show appreciation for your family, friends, customers and employees. Read More...
Derek Ostovani

Virtual Artist: Derek

Derek has already performed his signature Virtual Magic Show for clients like Amazon, Twitter, and Yelp! It doesn’t matter whether groups are large and small, private or corporate. Read More...
Dana Daniels

Virtual Artist: Dana

It’s more than watching a magic show on TV. It’s a highly interactive comedy magic mentalism show that makes your family, clients, and employees feel like they’re out together for fun. Read More...
Phil Van Tee

Virtual Artist: Phil

Comedian Magician Phil Van Tee is best known for his clean humor, gentle audience participation, ​and excellent sleight of hand. Phil is among the esteemed Professors of Magic at the Magic Castle. Read More...